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Monday, February 21, 2011

Shadow Cliffs Feb 20 2011

  • Weather: Previously, lots of rain, it cleared up for one day. Air temp around 50 degrees, I would assume the water was the same, but I can't confirm.
  • Started fishing 11am. Float tube around launch ramp, drifted nightcrawler in about 15-30ft of water for 1 hour. No bites.
  • Jon/Cameron arrived 1pm. Moved down the trail from launch ramp to where side boards were falling into water.
  • Caught first rainbow trout within 20 minutes. Nightcrawler. Inflated.
  • Caught 2 more, Jon caught 2. 3 total larger ones, we kept, 2 babies.
  • Bite seemed to turn off about 4pm, no bites afterwards.
  • Many people from shore were catching fish, this followed a DFG and Mt Lassen stocking that took place a few days earlier.
  • Crappieman on the forums caught 13 trolling. Near the bottom, OTW.