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Monday, September 5, 2016

Catalina Yellowtail

Fished a few days at Catalina for a few hours per day on August 27/28/29.

  • Fished East End of Catalina
  • 60-120ft of water
  • Lost a fish fly lining a live sardine, took me into the rocks
  • Landed a fish slow trolling a live mackerel
  • Didn't get any Yellowtail trolling all sizes of Rapala XRaps
  • I would recommend trying lighter line, we fished 25lb and 40lb, but I think starting with 15lb to see what is biting would be a good bet and then increasing the line size if you are loosing fish.

Fishing Tip: Keeping People Out of Your Chum Line

How many of us have been fishing and anchored up with a real nice chum line going on that we have put some time into and then a rude boat comes and anchors right smack in the middle of the chum line, ignorant to the fact that was right where you were fishing?! Or if you are trout fishing on a lake with indicators that blow down wind/down current and another boat comes in too close?

Well I have seen it happen, heard of it happening, and had it happen to myself.

I have come up with an idea to keep people out of your chum line.

THIS IS ONLY AN IDEA. I don't promise it will work and I don't promise that there aren't better ideas out there.

Here's the idea: Use a rod with a big balloon tied to the end of the line and let that balloon float back into the chum line, basically indicating to others right where you are fishing. People are *slightly* less likely to come running over your balloon than they are into a 'bare' area that they didn't know was your chum line. You likely will need to have some kind of weight tied below the balloon to keep it somewhat stable.

Here is the next question: Do you fish a bait under the ballon or purely just use the balloon rod as a tool? Tough to say, you will have to experiment.

Would love some feedback on this post, feel free to post any other ideas.

Sunday, September 4, 2016