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Monday, April 30, 2012

Pyramid Lake - April 27-29, 2012

Another Pyramid trip in the books.  We read the reports, it sounded slow.  Quoted from some other people, 'the slowest fishing we've seen in 20 years.'  I guess we should have known what to expect, but I was optimistic anyways!

After about a 4.5 hour drive from San Jose, we rolled in around 11am to the South Nets.  Tom already had a few fish, so things were looking good.  After unpacking the amazing amount of gear, we were on the water.  It wasn't too long before we had our first fish from the boat.  We had to fish the boat to be able to be right on the ledge that drops from 5 to 10 ft of water.
(above) Tom with a standard slot female with the Pyramid in the back

(above) My first fish of the trip

(above) My Dad with his first and perhaps only fish of the trip

(above) Chunky fatty on the midging rig... Look at that tail!

Woke up with high hopes, but boy was this to be a SLOW day.  We have a group of at least 6 guys, and NO ONE got bit until after 730PM.  We fished ALL day and it was SLOW.

(above) WINDY in the morning

(above) The wind died down which didn't help the already non existent bite. At least we could enjoy the Pyramid?

(above) FINALLY a fish caught on a beetle around 730pm

There was one or two other fish caught before dark by the rest of our group, but BOY was it slow.

Woke up a bit discouraged, but thought we would give it a try anyways. I never caught a fish and had to pull out around 11am to drive back to San Jose.  Tom ended up with 2 fish and the rest of the group got another 3 more I think for the rest of the day.  Slightly better bite than Saturday?    
(above) Sunrise Sunday

(above) Tom bendo!

(above) Just a fiesty little scrapper!

(above) This is about what we did all day, but it was great hanging out with everyone and getting a couple fish!

I won't be back till next spring, but lets hope it's better than this year!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nacimiento Lake Spotted Bass

Fished Friday April 20th - Sunday April 22
Weather:  Major high pressure, Friday was 90 degrees, and so was Saturday.  Sunday was about 80 degrees.

Water: Clear in most areas, 66-72 degrees.

Fish:  Lots of spotted bass, they liked the plastics, shakey head or drop shot.  Also some soft jerk bait.  Major topwater action in the morning in the shade on rocky points.

Fish 2-20ft deep.

Had a great trip!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lake Nacimiento Bass Fishing

Saturday, March 31, 2012

  • Met up with Randy Dahl and Joe Burrows, and Brendon Gorman was on my boat
  • Cloudy morning start
  • Rain and wind from 11-3
  • Fished Town Creek, Cal Shasta
  • Warmest water 60, down to 58
  • 8 fish for me
  • 5 for Brendon
  • Shakey head 7 zoom trick worm

Sunday, April 1, 2012

  • 7am start, fished alone till 2pm
  • Post front
  • Water 58-59
  • Windy
  • Sunny
  • Fished Town Creek
  • 5 fish total
  • Shakey head 7 zoom trick worm

Anderson Lake Bass and Crappie Fishing April 7 2012

Beautiful day, 74 degrees.
Water temperature started around 58 up to 61 in certain areas.
1 dink bass, 2 bass.  Shakey head/Drop Shot.  Heard west bank was good at mudline.
7 Crappie. Found a school and was awesome catching for 20 minutes then it kina turned off.  Used white crappie tube jig.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pyramid Lake, March 3, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012
I made the drive up to Pyramid Lake outside of Reno, Nevada.  After a few stops, I arrived around 12pm right behind Tom, Billy, Alby and Brett.  We got camp setup and started to try to fish.
The water level seemed pretty high, and after taking out my ladder at South Nets, I was still casting in around 3-5ft of water, which is too shallow.  So I figured I would get the boat out.  I found the drop from 5-10 ft and started fishing around the ledge in 10-12ft of water.  A few other guys got their float tubes out and fished.  By the end of the night, I think I had 2 fish.  Fishing was SLOW.  Water was right around 44 - 45 degrees.  We figure the fish are out deeper feeding on the tui chub and haven't made the move to the shallow water.  We were a bit 'early'.

Saturday, March 3, 2012
Woke up, no one was fishing at South Nets.  I took the boat out and was able to get a fish.  I moved out into a ledge at 23 to 28ft of water and landed another one.  If the fish were going to bite, they always bit right when I got to a spot, but then the bite tailed off.  Finally later in the afternoon I had an indicator fish.

Sunday, March 4, 2012
Same story, so we started fishing.  I had a fish early on then took a break for breakfast.  Upon going back out, I was able to get 2 more fish, and watched Billy catch 3 from his tube as well.  Alby finally got a fish, and Tom never was able to get one the whole trip.
I left pyramid at 130 and made it back to Danville by 545.  Decent amount of traffic on the 80.

Hopefully we can get back up there when the fishing turns on in the next month or two!

Below are some picture from the trip:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anderson Lake, Bass Fishing, Feburary 4, 2012

Went down to Anderson Lake to go fishing again and brought Adele to captain the boat.

Fished form 11:30 to 4:30.
Water 52-53
Sunny, 67, slight breeze.

Started off at flat across the lake from the ramp, caught a trout on the second cast with a crawdad colored crankbait!  Couldn't believe it!  They haven't stocked Anderson Lake near Morgan Hill for quite some time, so I guess there are still some holdovers in there?

Didn't get another bite the rest of the day, tried shallow, tried some deeper stuff, tried points, just nothing was biting on the dropshot and shakey head. Switched from a worm to a Yum craw thing on the shakey head.

Talked to some guy at the ramp, he seemed to have found them, said to look for the underwater humps, and they were still deep.  It's like why fish in 5ft of water when most fish are 30ft deep? I think he said he was using green hula on a football head jig or something?

Finally picked up a trolling motor Sunday, Feb 5.  Minn Kota Maxxum.  We'll see how she mounts up on the boat.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bass Fishing at Anderson Lake

Went out fishing with Jon yesterday, the 28th, for a few hours.

Time: 12-5pm
Water Temp: 53-54
Water level: pretty low, island by ramp showing 5-10ft out of water
Weather: Pretty sunny, 65 degrees.  Pretty stable barometer.
Fish: 2 fish to boat.  Few other bites.  Fish came in around 10-15 ft of water.  Both on the Aarons Magic Robo worm dropshotting.  Had a shakey head as the weight.

See pictures, including low water features here: