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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bass Fishing Anderson Lake March 12, 2011

Arrived 12pm.
Water about 54. Water level still pretty low, 55%?
Air 60 with 2-10mph winds.
Party Cloudy, next day rained. Seemed to be some low pressure perhaps?

Fished north west shore, rock areas.

I had 4 fish to the boat, Jon had 2. All pretty small, Jon's was a decent little chunky female.
Split shotting with 3" Yum Dinger Pumpkinseed.
2-15ft water.
Bites were subtle.

Upon coming in, some guy said he had about 6, another boat had 30?

Bought a new Shimano Clarus rod for plastics Sunday from Coyote. Talked to Jared and Anthony, nice guys!

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