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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pyramid Lake Trip - March 5 2011

For years on end there has been an annual trip to Pyramid Lake, Nevada. The main objective is to chase the Lahontan Cutthroat trout, but usually there are other distractions, mostly shooting the breeze at camp. This was only my second year going, I'm still a greenhorn learning the ropes. I'm getting a hang of it though!

Most of the crew arrived at the South Nets beach Thursday night, March 3. I left early Friday morning and rolled in around 10am.

Below: Looking back at our camp on the beach:

Friday was a fairly slow day. The weather was pretty nice. Everyone managed a few fish. Jimmy was catching them on purple Woolly Buggers. I landed 3 while midging. Billy was able to get his 5 fish personal goal, with the last 2 coming nearly at dark!

Below: Jimmy and the Pyramid:

Below: Billy hooks up!

Below: I go bendo:
Below: Nice male

Below: Dad with a nice fish: P1050100

The Friday night festivities around the fire were a great way to end the day.


Saturday we awoke and a few of us started on the ladders early. I managed a midge fish early. Fishing throughout the day was relatively slow, we all managed to get some fish. Ryan Sims showed up and was able to land 6 in the few hours he was there. Pretty impressive. He was using an Olive Woolly Bugger. Tom was catching most of his fish on Billy's Purple Beetle with a slight tail (think tadpole). By the end of the day, I netted 6 fish, all midging. All my fish were on the top fly, a larger Red Mohalo. My bottom fly was a black midge pattern. Hardly anyone else midged. Jeff, one of Tim's friends, was at the North Nets midging all day and said he had 16 fish! Quite the catch. Towards the evening, right at dark, the bite seemed to turn on, mostly with 'dark' colored flies, such as a black Woolly Bugger or purple beetle. The beetle was the 'upper' fly.

Below: Billy with the Pyramid:P1050117

Below: Another nice slot male:P1050125

Below: Billy with a skinny male, nice colors!P1050134

Below: Alby hooks up!

Below: Another slot fish...P1050139

Below: Tom caught this nice fish, he had some flies on him from when he broke off another angler:P1050141

Below: Right before nightfall, Tom comes through again!P1050157

Saturday night Jerry made his famous spare ribs. Man, those were tasty! Brett's family came out and enjoyed the fire with us until the light rain chased us into bed.


Sunday morning we started out on the ladders early. I had one foul hooked midge fish, and my Dad had a nice strip fish. People came out, but it was relatively slow, I think Alby got one fish. Everyone went back in to do some cleanup and eating, while I stayed out. It paid off. I got this 26" hog at the last minute on my indicator. He was on the shallower side of my drift. I ended the day on this one. We packed up and headed out by 1030am.

Below: Sunday morning, nice hen. Look at that tail!P1050163

Below: I hesitate to claim the biggest fish honors, but I think this 26" might do it:P1050167

We stopped by Cabela's as usual and then hit some snow on Donner Pass. The traffic was pretty bad through Sacramento.

Another great trip. Decent weather, fair fishing, and a great time with friends!


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